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Neshamas Connect!

Mission Statement
The mission of neshamas connect is to bring Jewish dating back to the basics and allow singles to connect on their own terms using a new and innovative approach. This website is intended to act as an international database for Jewish singles of all levels of observance ages 18 and over.

Let's work together to create an international database of Jewish singles. Neshamas Connect allows singles to browse videos of each other and message a potential match directly. The platform has been created, but singles are the people who have the potential to ensure the database is large enough to create an impact on the dating world. We have found that some people who submit a video and do not see a potential match on the site opt to leave it instead of allowing time for the database to grow. This is unfortunate as your potential match may have not yet submitted their video. Our approach has tremendous potential to effect positive change on the shidduch crisis. Singles can take control of their own dating lives and choose matches based on personality. Every Jew whose video meets the guidelines on the website is welcome. Neshamas Connect is a judgement free zone regardless of your level of observance, looks or status. Every person deserves to meet their match. Expect that not everyone will fall neatly under whatever category you consider yourself to be in. Try not to have the attitude of "I'm too (fill in the blank) for this platform". It's time to change things up. Let's work on it together.
This website is intended to take dating back to the basics. Love is the foundation of a strong marriage and it grows from an unpredictable spark ignited between two people. We encourage you to begin your relationships with that in mind. The videos on this site are intended for you to see if you might get along with someone before getting into the nitty gritty that is often the primary focus of accepting a date. While those details do matter and shouldn’t be overlooked, let’s take a step back and get to know a person’s neshama first. There is always time to figure out the rest.   

This platform will allow connections to be made between Jewish singles internationally by browsing through brief videos of each other. You’d be surprised about how much of a feel for someone’s personality you can get in 60 seconds! Research shows that there are no algorithms that can reliably predict whether or not two people will like each other. Dr. Samantha Joel’s research from Is Romantic Desire Predictable? Machine Learning Applied to Initial Romantic Attraction (2017) demonstrates that after many variables were measured, none would be able to predict how two people would feel about each other after a date. That’s where we come in . Browse videos to see if there is someone you feel you might connect with and reach out. We have chosen not to incorporate extensive questionnaires because Neshamas Connect is all about helping  two people discover if they have that spark.

אתר וידאו מבוסס על סינגלים יהודי עם ספין חדש על היכרויות.

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1. הפוך לחבר

הנחיות וידאו

Click here to check out sample videos on the Neshamas Connect Facebook page!
  • נא לשלוח סרטון שמשקף את האישיות שלך. אולי תרצה לדבר על חוויה מעניינת שחווית, על מה אתה נלהב או משהו שחווית שהיה משמעותי עבורך.

  • אנא ודא שהסרטון יוצר תפיסה מדויקת של מי אתה כדי למשוך מישהו שהכי מתאים לך.  

  • שמור את הסרטון פשוט. אין צורך להעסיק צלם קולנוע. סרטונים חייבים להיות באורך של 60 שניות או פחות, ופחות מ-100MB.

  • מעודדים אותך להתלבש כמו שאתה מתלבש בדרך כלל. לבוש הוא חובה, לבוש שחייה אינו מקובל. סרטונים ייבדקו לפני פרסום כדי לשמור על שלמות האתר.  

  • זכור להשתמש רק בשם הפרטי ובראשי תיבות המשפחה שלך.

  • אם אתה לא ממוקם בנוחות ליד מישהו שאתה מעוניין בו, אל תהסס לדבר בטלפון או בווידאו צ'אט לפני שתקבע דייט.

  • והכי חשוב, תהנה ותהיה אתה! יהי רצון שכולם יהיו "זוצ'ה" לפגוש את הבשר שלהם בזמן הנכון ובדרך הנכונה.  

*כל הסרטונים ייבדקו לפני פרסום. אפשר 24-48 שעות לפני שהסרטון שלך יופיע באתר.

Video Guidelines

About the


I am blessed to be happily married with three children. I was set up by someone who I had briefly dated who knew my husband. We will call him “Joe”. Joe called up my husband and said he had a girl for him. My husband didn't ask any questions and said that he was happy to proceed as he trusted his friend’s judgment. I, on the other hand, had a list of questions, a checklist that I wanted answers to before accepting the match. When Joe told this to my husband, he told him he was no longer interested. “That type of girl” wasn’t for him. Luckily, Joe was persistent and refused to get off of the phone with my husband until he agreed to call me. When he finally did, which took a while, we hit it off right away. The rest is history. I was living in a dating world where a checklist was the norm and that almost made me miss out on my soulmate. And guess what? Now I realize that the "ideal-spouse" checklist I had in my mind back when I was dating could never be a bullet-point blueprint of the wonderful and happy marriage I have now.

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